Friday, January 5, 2018

Letters to no one

Dear Self, 

This year, continue on the path of patience. Pilates, plank, and peddle more. Become stronger, supple where the joints have begun to tighten, more hydrated. Live a little less all-at-once. And write, once in a while, when you aren't reading articles. Maybe read a few books, but be reasonable.

Love your love, and let her love you. It's okay to relax into the goodness that has discovered you both. Embrace all that you are handed. Miracles are what happens in the subtext of the plot.

Be the mother that your children admire. Don't question how you figured out how when you get parenting right. Your gut is more often spot on than outsiders will ever admit. Your gut will tell you when you need to apologize and try a different approach.

Mantra: Pace thyself. You are most certainly on the downward half. Enjoy the soft sinking of the humus-deep footprints you leave behind. 

This is enough. You are enough.

With affection,
Your worst critic

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