Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Adoption day

I think I've held the belief 
for ten years
that today might someday be a possibility.
It's been a long wait 
since my baby boy's birth father, my second ex, abandoned us
when I was five months pregnant.

B— asked me if it was okay to get teary on the stand.
I hope it was, because during the hearing
I testified longer than either Mr. PNU or my son
as to my feelings about this adoption, 
and I wept.
I told the judge that as a mother I couldn't ask 
for a better father for my child.
I take my oaths seriously.

My husband has been asking me ever since if I am alright.
He's caught me repeatedly mid-sigh.
I tell him I'm setting into relief after a decade of anxiety
that a boy would ever have to live without a daddy.


  1. You guys are the family that was meant to be together. Just the way you are. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life.

  2. This makes me so happy!!! Congratulations again!