Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Variations on ability

The last three weeks marked the beginning of an experiment 
in what my husband can do.

Walking from bed to the bathroom still requires assistance, 
but Mr. PNU is strong enough to lower himself safely to the floor 
once he's ventured away from the bed by himself. 

After this incident the therapists at Neuroworx 
focused a week and half of practice 
on floor to chair transfers so that next time 
we'll be capable of getting him back into bed
without having to call the home teachers. 

Mr. PNU can fold towels.

Mr. PNU can keep our son's attention for half an hour with The Hobbit. 

The only other thing that keeps our son's attention for half an hour is Minecraft.

Tonight, Mr. PNU booted up the Xbox 
and after an hour of trial and error devised a strategy 
whereby he can operate the controller 
to play Skyrim using his right hand and his chin.

"My only problem is slobbering on the left control.
I hope I don't get a disease from it."

My guess is that he won't and that there is much more to come.

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