Monday, August 31, 2015

Asking for help for Lily

My LDS ward is being hit hard. 

We've recently lost one of our ward family to pancreatic cancer. Another member has lung cancer. The husband of one of my best friends here went through chemo for colon cancer and after months and months of treatment just came through a clean colonoscopy. I have another friend here who is slowly losing her body to Parkinson's. 

And while I sent out requests for continued support for Mr. PNU's therapy tonight, a young mother of two is facing her husband's testicular cancer. He's already had a radical orchiectomy, and tomorrow he begins the first of four aggressive rounds of chemo. Like me, Lily had to go through some hell to find her husband. Now she's terrified at the prospect of losing him. I ache for her.

So I'm not asking for help for myself, tonight. I'm asking for help for my friend, Lily.

Please donate if you can. 

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