Monday, April 6, 2015

Ethical gems: a running list

Mr. PNU is sweltering in the heat of Ethics essay season. He won't let me help grade, because that wouldn't be ethical. But my husband is kind enough to share his favorite lines with me. And as long as I don't include his name, my name, the real name of the university, or the name of the authoring students, I get to pass these beauties along to you.

Keep in mind that last year, when I was Mr. PNU's TA, and neither his wife nor girlfriend, grading was my job, and I walked out of Noah, which was supposed to be my respite from grading, and instead went home to finish grading papers with humdingers just like these. I know that doesn't say much about the film, but when there are gems like these to be found, you'll get why I made the choice.

I'm starting with just three lines tonight, but I'll be updating the list over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned:

#1. "This means that the truth is true, even in a universe with nothing."

#2. "There is no soul that the tongue of evil has not licked."

#3. "The Chinese believe that if you're good when you die, you go to the Netherlands."

#4. "In other words we need food for the minds, and philosophy can occupy that."

#5. "One of my favorite examples I like to refer to is the story of Les Miserables, where Javier is strictly bound by his rules and theory of justice and Jaun val Jaun, though he is a good moral citizen who does follow rules, he is also a very virtuous character and can act on his intuition for the better good of the situation."


  1. That movie was also one of the worst things I've watched in years - and that's saying something.

  2. Oh yes, and I'm sitting in the theater debating, "Do I leave and have all these other audience members think I'm walking out because I'm uber religious and I have some sort of problem with Darren Aronofsky's misinterpretation of the Bible, which is obviously literal? Or do I release myself from this misery to go home and read poorly constructed essays that will inevitably bring me some sense of evil pleasure?"

  3. It was so bad!!! I was trying so hard to like it because I thought Russell Crowe's performance was back to where he should be, but when the rock people started to form....nope.