Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Staph references

I picked up E— after his shift at the Center Street sandwich shop at 8:30 p.m., and we drove to the doctor for what I thought was spider bites. We talked about my father and how much E— reminds me of the best of him, and how E— feels an odd connection to my dead father whenever I talk about him. And then the doc came in to take a peek at the angry red hills on my son's legs. Turns out, E— has a nasty, nasty staph infection. He has six or seven abscesses on his legs. The worst looks like this:

You're welcome.

I got to watch the attending doctor at the after-hours clinic lance this puppy and squeeze just enough juice out to culture the strain. That was delightful. I look forward to seeing abscesses lanced nevery day. Doc said he was worried, because the sores appear to be MRSA. It's serious. You can look it up. But still, E—, Mr. PNU, and I sat around in the procedural office at the clinic joking about how E— is on his deathbed. It's been a surreal sort of evening. 

So instead of going to class tomorrow, I'll be accompanying my son to the hospital for an I&D. 

That's incision and drainage, for the rest of you who didn't know the first time you heard the term. I don't recommend Googling it.

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