Tuesday, March 24, 2015


That's the word a professor used to describe those of us at the Pie Tin with school aged kids. (Note: she also has school aged children younger than my own, but she didn't start her own gestational output until she was 32. Somehow waiting puts her in a different reproductive category from the rest of us early spawners.) 

This is what happens when people make full professor. She and her husband both moved to permanent Pie Tin fixture status last week. And now the privileged white woman persona comes out of the closet with a vengeance. 

She also complained that the Spring Break slated for the first week in April, two weeks before finals and simultaneously synced with local school districts, was scheduled with an "unfair bias toward breeders" and that the move "sacrifices the overall educational experience of those actually attending university." In the eyes of the Pie Tin's philosophy professor who specializes in feminism, a woman of my same age and gender, I am no more than a "breeder" and not actually attending university.

Granted, I may have handled these comments better if I hadn't spent the past five months unmedicated during six cycles of unsuccessful attempts at conception. Then again, maybe I wouldn't. And for the record, I hate that our Spring Break is this late and I voiced as much prior to this professor's snark. Thankfully, I only take classes from her husband.

Before I see him tomorrow I'm going to get over this. I have other philosophy students rallying around me in solidarity, and the kids I made are doing everything they can to help me see the absurd hilarity in PWW's remarks.

My circle breeds support and optimism. P. Chill, as my kids would say.

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