Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Academic tunnel love

My professors love me. Not like Mr. PNU, but it's love nonetheless.

Karin, my goddess of a CNF professor, gave me an hour of her time to discuss the scene that needs attention in my final essay this semester. It's a writing outcome of which I'm still uncertain, but she handed me a copy of her narrative Breach, told me she didn't refer students to her work often, directed me to read a particular chapter that deals with problematic sex scenes, and set me free until lecture at 5:30 later in the afternoon. I read the chapter, and then another, and then another. For two hours I poured over her language. I forgot an appointment with my advisor, didn't get caught up on any of the canon I need to cover for Brit Lit, but once I'd come to my senses at 3 p.m., I knew I am capable of writing this last scene, and that I can write it well. Karin is pushing for the essay's publication. We'll see. Lecture was a gem, as always.

Mike has finally given me my grades for Greek 1020 (B+) and Greek 2010 (A-). He's also given me until midsummer to turn in my final paper on Parmenides for the PreSocratics class I took last spring.

I caught Rob at the Starbuck's counter where we discussed the directed readings course I'd planned and then decided to drop. Since I haven't filled out the withdrawal form yet and I still want to do the work as a final poetry portfolio for graduation, Rob suggested that I check with my advisor about taking an incomplete. Then, during the first seven weeks of summer term, Rob would like to meet with me privately three or four times to review my work, give me advice, and oversee this crowning output of poetic effort—all without charging me for an additional semester. This is a godsend. If I get my advisor's approval I'll only have five classes remaining before graduation. If I can square the math credits away this summer I might be able to finish by December. If I only take two classes a semester, Fall and Spring of the coming academic year, I'll still be done by next May.

I rescheduled my appointment with my advisor for Friday. The light up ahead is expanding. 

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