Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gospel of Mr. PNU

Okay, I'm not meaning to be sacrilegious, but good things are happening around here and they all have to do with having an incredible husband.

1) I had two pieces of art accepted by the Pie Tin's journal of art and literature. This paired with the five pieces of lit that are being published feels a little decadent. Mr. PNU agrees it's time to give the other students of the Pie Tin a break and start pushing into the national market, because this shouldn't be Gudri's Journal, and this semester it sort of feels like it is.

2) PhDs are a lot of money, and my husband is in debt a house. He's filled out paperwork repeatedly since our engagement to get his loan payments adjusted, because adjuncts will never make enough to live, let alone pay back the government for their education. Today we received word that his agency has accepted our paperwork and for the coming year our payment is $0 with $0 accruing in interest. 

3) Tax returns arrived. My husband was behind two years, and after the feds subtracted what he owed we still received almost $6K. We're finally out of debt that way AND we have some extra to tuck away for the summer when adjunct work is scant. We also have enough in savings that if we should be so lucky as to ever have a sticky embryo, we can pay for delivery of a full-term baby. 

4) I am getting free of my mother's cell phone plan; the last thread of control that she's used as leverage against me. I paid the buy-out fee today and I'll be on my own plan by the end of the week. Mr. PNU said last night that he thinks our best approach to my mother and step-dad should be politeness when necessary, but maintaining arm's length distance and relative silence about our lives. This feels both kind and just.

5) I finished my Greek midterm with relative ease, even if it took several hours of the past weekend. The grade I receive there will count for last semester's final grade, so with the thorough parsing I completed and at least mediocre renderings I think at the very least I have a B+. I'm starting to truly understand this language and that feels incredible. I've purchased a collection of Greek poetry written in Greek, and plan to start my own translations soon as part of my directed readings course in poetry.

6) I went to the dentist today to get a chipped crown checked out. I still have no cavities. I haven't changed my dental hygiene. I still sometimes eat a banana right after I right after I brush on Sundays. The chip was a quick repair. My poor, adjunct husband was more than willing to pay the $124 for the appointment.

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