Monday, February 16, 2015

A week in the life of middle-age

With two books of poetry, six chapbooks, and eleven Pushcart nominations—Conner came to read in Happy Town. He did a reading for me at Speak for Yourself, and also at LDS University of Choice, which is the reason he was back in town anyway. They flew him out from the Iowa Writer's Workshop. He's that good. He signed my copy of his latest book The Unpainted Shore:


I am lucky to know you and call you my friend. Send me more poems please and often! THANK YOU!

C Dylan B

No, Conner. I am the lucky one.

The poster for the Pie Tin's gender studies production of "The Vagina Monologues" was rejected by Campus Connection for appearing too much like labia. The new poster features lips rotated 45 degrees, but the philosophy department secretary gave me rejects for each of my girls. 

The sky dressed up for Valentine's Day.

We dressed down, went to a museum exhibit of Japanese art, ate Indian at the best restaurant in downtown, and after dinner we walked out to find a ragtime quartet playing on the street. They said they weren't taking money—playing Center Street was the best way to spend the holiday evening when their significant others were all working. So they offered to follow us for a few blocks playing "It Had to Be You" while we walked arm-in-arm.

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