Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nice shaped heads

All day long it's been, "Thanks for pushing me out, mom." She's still a bit shaky from her birthday two years ago. Trauma is sticky.

So Mr. PNU and I played chaperone for a party of four girls, 13 and 14-years-old. On the way to the theatre L— asked me to please not swear around her friends. As if. We saw The Maze Runner, which L— and friends loved, and husband and I liked up until the last 20 minutes. We then went to Two Jack's Pizza for pizza, go figure. It was our first time back since I slid my phone number across the table at the end of the TA's post-Ethics party and told Mr. PNU to call me, if he wanted to "hang out." We snuck a couple of kisses over pepperoni. 

The girls dared each other to take Tabasco shots. 

I love this girlie. We're alike and not. She's a gem.

These are post shave pics from last month. We're both grateful hair grows quickly in this family.

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