Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Print came calling.

Broken Vessels, the found poetry series I wrote last spring has been accepted for publication by the journal to which I submitted. This work is derived entirely from the palette Mr. PNU offered me in his 2 Nephi 2, a Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology paper on mental disability, responsibility and Mormon theology.

This isn't one poem. It's six. Six pages in print, not just online. 

My initial reaction at finding the Poetry Editor's email in my inbox was disbelief. I'd written off the journal as a possible home for the work in the fall, since I'd submitted late last April. This speaks to the necessity of patience in this craft, because I knew due to the notoriety of the journal and the volume of submissions that I would only receive a response if the work was accepted, and there it was.

Mr. PNU's reaction was priceless. "Now maybe we can get some attention on this issue."

Understanding the complexity of compromised reason and its deluded constituents, of sacred covenants to obedience and the doctrine of atonement is as much my husband's theological area of study (mental illness and responsibility ethics the focus of his PhD) as they are the focal points by which I critically assess my life.

I read back over the body of my series last night, to call to memory what it was I'd crafted a year ago. I found it quite pleasing. And so that is my reaction—I'm quite pleased. This is how I want to enter the world of Mormon Arts and Literature. It's a worthy contribution.

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