Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The heart of the matter: putting the publication to bed

Last night, I hosted Fall 2014's My Word!—the semiannual release party 
for the Pie Tin's literary journal, Touchstones. 
Accompanied by my husband, 
and supported by a renown poet-advisor, 
and a talented cast of student staffers and contributors, 
I presented the artistic efforts 
of the university's finest 
artists, writers, and poets.

For an hour and a half some 80 guests enjoyed fine food, 
beautiful readings, and artists' statements 
along with the displayed original artwork. 

It was a flawless evening 
for all the flaws preceding 
to get the publication to press and printed to standard. 

Prior to the event, my advisor took me aside, 
commended my level of professionalism in completing the book, 
and informed me that she plans 
to submit the journal 
to a big-deal national undergrad competition.

During the evening, Mr. PNU told me over and over again 
how proud he was of me. 
I was just proud to be sitting next to him,
to announce him as my husband.

When we finally got home and my head met the pillow, I slept hard.
This morning, Greek wanted to know where I'd been.

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  1. Just beautiful, as per always. And CONGRATS!!!!!!