Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PMDD and the internal struggle of reason over hormones

The week before my period, at least without Lithium or Ativan, is rough. One thing Mr. PNU has said repeatedly is that my nature to be self-reflective is highly attractive. It takes that tendency to get through unmedicated waves of mood changes, biological discomforts, animal urge and response, and the answer to the question, "Did the gametes hookup?" This month they did not. No surprise. With stress to the max, med changes, marital adjustment, more stress, and yes, even more stress, the cards were stacked against the odds that baby soup would simmering. So this morning I'm flowing, feeling much more like myself, happily ibuprofened into uterine calm, and breathing a private sigh of relief because if the last few days had been the beginning of pregnancy and more was to come, I was hating life. Mr. PNU says I do a fabulous job of boxing my proclivities to let the kindness win out. It hasn't been easy though, but the unmedicated fight can prove successful.

On a nearly unrelated note, my favorite word I've learned from Mr. PNU is libidinous.
One has to give in somewhere.

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