Saturday, October 12, 2013

Squaring up with what I get

I know. You're tired of my complaints. This isn't really a complaint as much as it is a clarification. I don't Pintrest, or Pinterest, or however it's spelled. But I know that this clip is presently floating around, or pinned on Mormon bulletin boards.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Gudri! You're not really going to assert that you're oppressed, are you? And the fact is that, no, I'm not oppressed. LDS women really can have everything, UNLESS they have fathers, husbands, bishops, and other priesthood leaders who would disavow their ability to receive personal revelation, or to be lead by the Holy Ghost. This includes brushing aside spiritual experiences, scriptural enlightenment, and divine whisperings within and without spiritual edifices in favor of commanding a woman to do as they see fit. 

The problem isn't dissatisfied women as much as I believe it is men who are finding a premature end to their own priesthood. Yes, it still hurts.

Either each person who comes into existence is capable of their own relationship with the Holy Ghost in order to find truth (and it isn't always a direct course) or the whole thing is bunk. Therein lies the rub.

I dig Sister Dew. She has more power in the Church than I ever will. But in this whole question of whether women should receive ordination to the priesthood or not I've come to realize I don't want power nor authority over others. I feel, deep down, like I already have both. What I feel has been taken from me is power and authority over my own spiritual reality. It's felt nothing short of a forceful violation, and though I get that forgiveness is the only way to overcome the affects of this defiling I also know that healing from assault (I don't use this word in vain, trust me.) takes considerable cleansing and time.

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