Friday, October 18, 2013

Poets and philosophers

I wrapped up a critical assessment of censorship in the Republic, went to class to turn in the paper, then came home for 14 hours of sleep.

Note to self: Lithium refill. Urgent.

This morning I carved out a schedule with the classes I want for Spring. I will never again take two philosophy courses in the same term. I love it, but I don't like feeling like death warmed over on a day-to-day basis. 

Next semester looks like this:

Advance Poetry
Advanced Topics in Ancient Greek Philosophy
British Lit Pre-1800
French II

It's perfect for a number of reasons and it gives me opportunity to accept the TA position for Ethics and Values. I sent my definitive yes to Mr. PNU this afternoon. The position pays $10/hr, I set my own hours, and the grading work is split between the professor and whomever else he gets to TA. Although my daughters and Greg groaned, my gal pal Heather did not, and I trust her response. 

The Pre-socratic philosophers have nourished my poetry, as did Ethics last Spring. Heather tells me the professor I've chosen for Early Brit is genius, which doesn't surprise me as his early training is in philosophy. These three thought-based springboards can only serve to strengthen my efforts as I dive headlong into studying Poetry with the Pie Tin's own Mr. I've Published Several Books of Poetry (PBP for future reference). I'm going to need all the musing I can get.

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