Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mountains of philosophy texts

I'm highly doubting the likelihood that I will climb any significant mountains again for some time. Reason: snow. Another reason: lack of snowshoes/crampons/icepick. I did not climb last weekend. I don't know when I'll hike again; possibly in a week and a half—Fall Break.

Also, I have another poem brewing in my head—Coffee with Empedocles. I may have mentioned it previously. But I think I thought I was being cute/funny and I spooked my muse. He's skittish anyway. Way to go, Gudri.

Also, I got my first philosophy paper back today. The high was 88%. I got 85%. My professor wrote, "This paper sits as an incredibly sophisticated understanding of Heraclitus and rare philosophical talent." He then goes on point-by-point telling me everything I did wrong. See? This is why I love this study. What else could justifiably humble me (as we all know I need to be humbled) and also offer me the clear and comprehensive opportunity to redeem myself? Gah! I wish I'd begun studying philosophy sooner in my collegiate career.

"There is no time for Empedocles, my dear," Gudri says to herself as she fills yet more precious time with blogging rather than catching up on Descartes and his God.

This semester is a blissful murder on my physical and intellectual resources. Watch me die. It should be lovely.

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