Thursday, October 17, 2013

Interlude, tentatively speaking

As quickly and coherently as possible:

I am 1/8 done with my paper on Plato's Republic, due in 12 hours.

Today, while standing in "the hallway" discussing sex with El Mexico, (an English/philosophy student and friend who is always pressing me for the identity of The Baker), Mr. PNU approached me. I haven't seen him since Sunstone. We chat briefly and he asks if I will TA in the spring for his Ethics and Values class. 

I gave a tentative yes. My daughters both groaned when I told them. My friend Greg groaned. I guess I'm to only one who is comfortable with the idea, but I still need to work out next semester's schedule before I can commit.

Empedocles has committed to joining me for open mic tomorrow night, if he can.

Sound like a lot of tentative to me.

And now back to Plato...

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