Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gudridur's 12 Step Program

Dear G—,

(1) I've heard your rationale on this one. I'm not disagreeing with the agreeable parts. He is a great guy, and I'm glad you've seen that.
(2) You've dated an alcoholic poet before; I'm not seeing much of a difference if this one is a prose writer.
(3) Since the Heartblender isn't a reliable option, I recommend clamping the main heart valve at the atria before anything catching escapes the ventricle.
(4) Yes, you may climb mountains with him. (The man, not your heart. Although the activity will strengthen the latter, in both of you.) You may hang out at the Pie Tin together and at Theraputic Writing Club events. I may even allow you to watch movies with him eventually, once this is all under control, but for now just take his recommendations and get back to him about what you think.
(5) You may take his advice and look for ways to extinguish your habitual binary thought patterns. In fact, in all ways that he healthily influences you, indulge. Try to reciprocate, without getting overly invested. Listen to him. Not enough people do, and he is wise. Do NOT enable him.
(6) I know you're thinking about texting him right now. He's probably drunk, or doing homework. 
(7) You have loads of homework of your own.
(8) You do not have time to think about this guy, who is definitely not a boy, who is such a sudden, easy and unlikely magnetic masculine force. When and what was the shift, really?
(9) You have a wandering eye. You have a dozen crushes. You cannot guarantee that you won't hurt him anyway. You are not allowed to hurt people.
(10) The Gym Rat is a douche. The 28-year-old isn't exactly a douche, but definitely a special kind of tool. I don't know how these facts are supposed to act as a deterrent from pursuing or even just liking this man who is giving you issues, but it's good to know where you stand on all fronts. 
(11) Be good to yourself. Be good to your Divine Parents. Be good to others.
(12) Be careful and stick to your smarts. Emotions will betray you. Your mind can reason through this if you really work hard. If you really want to. This is one of those occasions owning all the underpinnings of a crucible. 

Best of luck!

Love you much,

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