Sunday, August 18, 2013

Peak #4—overlooking the summit of transformation

This week I did my best to see how close I could come to offing myself from sheer exhaustion. My friend Craig must be right—I'm tough as nails. Cuz I'm still here, if not stronger than the week before.

I have moved into my own home, a four-bedroom apartment in South Happy Towne, near the cemetery. The kids and I packed it, hauled it, and unpacked it in two days, with only a little help from my home teacher, a priest, and a few straggling high priests. We were given a couch, a TV, and two beautiful new kitchen chairs from the Women's and Children's shelter, and my bishop pitched in a $500 allowance to Deseret Industries to cover a kitchen table, three new chairs, a dresser, a desk for E—, a microwave, vacuum, glasses, garbage cans, a broom, a few dish rags, and a Bougeureau print to hang in M—'s room. 

The Lord has rebuilt us from the ground up.

It only made sense to climb a mountain on Saturday to give thanks. Timpanogos was peak #4. I'd considered it climbed on my list of Seven Peaks, even though my first time up was last year. But since the kids were off with friends and their dad this weekend, and I only had enough gas in my van to get me to the Timpaneooke trailhead and back (and only $.30 in change otherwise), it made sense to do a solo climb as long as my body held out. I was exhausted Friday, and spent the day relaxing and eating pasta to build my strength back up. Saturday morning came quietly, with a 40% chance of precipitation in the afternoon, and I found I had the energy to put one foot in front of the other for 7.5 miles to summit. No vertigo. No jitters on the final class three stretch. I know not to speak too soon, there are mountains yet to climb, but I suspect I have overcome my fear of heights. 

I signed the register, but not with anything profound. Timp is so popular there isn't room for lengthy salutations. So instead I wrote my thoughts in a thank you note that I gave to the bishop of the ward that we're leaving today. I don't remember them exactly, but I wept as I wrote them because not only am I grateful, I do understand that where much is given much is required. I promised to do my best.

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