Friday, August 2, 2013

Peak #3—Mount Nebo

I'm tired. I think I have that right. I took down Nebo today in about 6 1/2 hours, minus an hour for relaxing at the summit, eating my peanut butter sandwich, drinking my Rockstar, and signing the register with some silliness that I now regret. But hey, who really thinks clearly on a mountain top at 11,929 ft with5,489 ft prominence

I've climbed the highest peak in the Wasatch range. It's class 3, which means I literally climbed a good deal of the final stretch to the summit, i.e., use of hands and sometimes knees was required. My fear of heights didn't bother me at all, which was my sole concern. There are parts of this trail that are no wider than a meter across; on the left, the west face of the mountain, on the right, the east face. There was significant wind, but we managed regardless. No vertigo, no elevation sickness. 

This was a beautifully strenuous, challenging, and completely rewarding 8 1/2 mile hike. As bonus, I had the delightful company of one of the guys from The Pie Tin English alumni that I climbed with on Mother's Day. We're good enough a hiking team that we're planning to do Cascade together. 

What have I learned? Don't ever settle. If you mean to do something and biff it the first time around, get back on the mountain and try, try again. And in all honesty, I am healing, a great deal. This Seven Peaks Challenge is lacking most of the crazy so many people assumed, and in its place I'm learning much about the woman whose feet are summiting peak after peak.

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