Saturday, August 24, 2013


The mythical land of Jell-O has her own Olympus. It isn't one of the Seven Peaks. It's not even 10,000 ft in elevation. But the 4100 ft elevation gain you make in 3.5 miles is a challenge cardiovascularly, if not to the musculo-skeletal system. From the saddle, which we attained in 3 hours, there is a long class 3 section of bouldering to get to the summit. It's fun, invigorating, and leaves no question in your mind as to your fitness level, nor your age.

I made this climb with a friend I've known well since we were both 16; proof that my relationships can have the endurance of time and that some people who've known me at my worst moments do stick it out with me, (though I couldn't tell you why.) I think this phenomenon speaks to the quality of the individual who is my friend rather than to any strength I may possess. All I know is this was a splendid hike, rewarding in every way. I have conquered Olympus.

Bring on Fall semester. Bring on 16 credits. Bring on French and Philosophy. Bring on Plato and his Republic. Or perhaps just my mattress—I am completely ready for a nap.

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