Sunday, August 11, 2013

My blog is being stalked again. This time by my mother.


Remember when you said that you would respect my boundaries? Probably not, because any time something you've previously stated or done doesn't fit your chosen route of action, you conveniently forget.

If you will not back off, completely, I will unleash all of the literary power I hold and the world will know everything you have done as a parent to maim and disfigure the person I am and that I am capable of being.

It will destroy your career. It will destroy your standing in your community. You will wish you'd never given birth to me the way I wish I'd never been born to you. Stay away from me. Stay away from my children. We do not want or need your poison, your fakery, your lack of honesty.

You are an evil I need to be free of.

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