Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to get to point (b)

This is how it works.
 (a) You begin with the destination in sight. 
It doesn't have to be a summit, 
just a point (b) to correspond with the (a) where you are standing.

 (b) Find a foothold.

(c) Find a handhold.
Move toward point (b).

(d) Repeat as many times as needed.
It's okay to admit to yourself that you're scared,
but just keep heading for (b).

I went to Sunstone Symposium with my beautiful gal pal, Heather. The whole day offered food for famished hearts. And then I signed up for an academic salon to address disability as experience by members of the Church, (the Mormons). This is exactly what I felt I needed to be doing when I moved here three years ago. Ironically, it was the sort of project my ex felt I should be involved in too. I never would have had this opportunity had I remained married to him. I never would have had this opportunity if I'd never gone back to school, if I hadn't taken that Ethics class that was a mile away from the class I took before it, if I weren't just a wee bit too obsessive in my fixations. I'm not saying obsession is a good thing, but it does serve its purpose until it brings you to point (b). I had a fairly detached, healthy conversation with Mr. PNU this afternoon. His presentation helped me to better answer questions I've long held about mental illness, agency, and the logic of the existence of the two in the Plan. He was the only panelist who mentioned Atonement. I appreciated that, deeply.

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