Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free write

I've been helping my buddy, T—, with a summer creative writing workshop for area high schoolers. Today he taught them about setting, and as the final exercise he flashed a series of stunning landscape images on the screen. We could chose to write whatever we wanted, based on one, two, or all of the images. I chose this one. After ten minutes, my dry spell was much less arid, and when I get back from conquering Mount Nebo tomorrow morning, I will write more...

When the brave ones reached the shore, when they flexed the cavity behind their gills and found the fleshy pockets welcoming if not hospitable to the new cocktail of nitrogen and oxygen, when their land legs steadied and the skin on their back thickened, the lighthouse loomed as it had for eons, ready to greet them.

Two-by-two, the brave ones gimped along the shore, some eager to plod forward, others content with a one-time glimpse before throwing themselves back into the waves only to find the briny swill no longer satisfying. 

Those who climbed toward the lighthouse forgot the sea.

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