Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All in a day

I'm moving into my own house next week.

I've been experiencing emotion, teetering on the edge of hypomania since this became a reality at noon today, but who wouldn't? I'd given up on the idea of moving out. Completely given up.

The Housing Authority called this morning and asked if I was still interested in the program. Even though I'd filled out paperwork and done the interviews, I hadn't been able to qualify previously because Ex No. 1 is kind of funny about people coming over and I needed a home inspection to hold my spot on the list. HA told me they decided that the recommendation of my past landlords was sufficient, they waived the home inspection, and they had a four-bedroom home available immediately if I wanted it. All I needed to do was secure deposit and first month's rent—$600. This is subsidized housing. I realize that this amount will cause a few jaws to drop. Still, my income is about $1500 a month in child support and SSI, and at the moment I don't have that much on me. I called my Relief Society president, who immediately got me in touch with my bishop, and this evening he dropped off a check for the amount I needed. 

My teens will each have their own room. I will share a room with B—. My books are coming out of storage. I've informed the kids that things will be a bit bohemian for a while. We have beds and bookshelves, but that's it. We are closer to downtown. Further from LDS University of Choice. A little more down-to-earth.

There are a few rules I expect everyone in this house to live by:

(1) Love your Divine Parents and be good to yourself
(2) Be fair with others
(3) Live a fearlessly authentic life

The last seven months have been a primer.

I don't like the "M" word. I think it is cast about too often and the real thing has lost its luster. But this, this is a beautifully close approximation to anything miraculous might be.

"Praise be!" has been on my children's tongues all afternoon.

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