Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tokyo eM—ail, day 2

I'm so glad your headache didn't last long, and I'm super stoked that you got to email. It's good to hear from you. :)

I checked your itinerary and it looks as though you visited the National Museum today. How was that? Again, soooo jealous. I'm glad you get to take in art while you are there. Are you getting any time to sketch? Sketching is obviously not the most important thing right now, but if you could do quick studies here and there I think it would be cool.

I don't know how you're doing 5 a.m. I am NOT a morning person and I don't think you are either, hahaha. At 2 p.m. I think I was at the gym. I'm missing you too and my friends told me to keep busy so it's not so bad. I keep busy with exercise. Then I took L— to The Pie Tin and we visited the Philosophy Dept where I got info on requirements for a philosophy minor. Looking over all the classes I have to choose from felt like Christmas; I was so excited. I know, kinda lame, but that's what gets me hyped up. When we came home I helped L— set up a blog. It's http// She's stoked, as you can imagine. E— and B— played video games all day. E— begged me to play Halo with him because he doesn't have you to play with. He was also glad that you'd emailed. I read it to him. He loved the part about the guy fanning the cats in cages. 

I think I'm going to sleep in your bed again tonight. It's comforting. :) Even if it does come with bizarre dreams.

How is the passport/money thing working? Is the food good? I'm looking forward to seeing the things you bring back. Don't worry about a $10 bowl of seafood for you and your friends. That's no big. Just make sure that people are as generous to you as you are to them. They should have their own money to spend as well.

I hope you're taking lots of pictures!!! That's why I sent the camera. :) And cuz I kinda like you. Lots. 

Big hugs from the USA!!! You are LOVED and missed.
Keep having fun and practicing those mean Japanese language skilz. ;)

I'm immensely proud of you.

we did visit the museum! i took a lot of blurry pictures of my favorite exhibit because i thought you might like it. it was a painted screen called '36 immortal female poets" and each lady wore a kimono that looked like ocean waves. i was thinking about buying a souvenir but i messed up and decided not to because i got nervous about spending.

no, i haven't drawn anything. :/ i doodled a bit on the plane to LA but since then, nothing. i will try though!

aaaah, i'm glad e— liked to hear my email!!! i miss him a lot. i miss you a lot. I MISS ALL OF YOU A LOT!! i heard a person call us "gaijin" (foreigners) today and i was embarrassed. 

i'm excited for you! i'm proud of you for pursuing things you like. i'm sure a philosophy minor will be super fun and intriguing. you should tell me about the stuff you learn!

i keep having a hard time buying things because i'm nervous i'll overspend or waste my money on useless things...but i still have 42,000 yen!! if i see a play sword i need to get one for b— because mr. c— got one in asakusa and i didn't even think to buy one. i hope i see more later D: i got a little model thingy of the big lantern in asakusa and some rock candies for anyone who wants them when i get back. they're cute little sugary pastel things that look like stars. 

i hope you won't be too disappointed in me if i spend most of my money in akihabara (the electronics and manga/anime sort of district). katy asked me to find something about dangan ronpa (an anime/playstation portable game) for her so i hope i see something there. maybe i will find something neat for e—! in nagano maybe they will have more play swords at the obon festival. i'm not sure. man, i am worrying a lot.

today was super humid and it rained and i got an umbrella because i left mine in my suitcase. the umbrella see-through!!!!!!

i will definitely check out l—'s blog!!! <3 what a cutie. 

the food is really good. i've had miso soup in every meal! :D 

I LOVE LOVELOVELVOEOVLEOVELLOVE YOU!!!! I miss you mommy. i'm in front of starbucks mooching their wifi with a bunch of other kids. we probably look stupid.


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