Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So you think your little girl needs dance lessons?

These are not my feet

No one likes a whiny blogger, so I'll spare you my sob story and just give you the facts.

The short of it is, I have an extra bone between my first and second toe that does not cause me problems. I also have a major calcification at the joint of my fourth toe from an old injury (most likely the two times I broke it, either dancing for LDS North Campus Contemporary Company-Touchy Feelers or for The Dancing Coercives). This calcification is inflamed. The radiologist recommended further imaging—MRI—to see if there may be a fracture amongst all that calcium, but my PA wants to give it a few weeks rest, meaning no major hiking, and see if it doesn't clear up on its own.

The Seven Peak Challenge is most likely at an end for this year. Unless, of course, my foot gets better by August and I'm then able to put in six strenuous hikes before snow flies while simultaneously carrying what amounts to an 18 credit semester (12 credits and TAing for two 3-credit classes).

I'm going to keep training via bicycle and elliptical, and I'm going to keep working with my personal trainer. I'm not convinced I'm out. Not yet. But I have to be reasonable.

*No one can talk sense into a child, but if parents understand that they may be setting their child up for years of pain and health issues, and that only the 1% get any sort of success or return off of dance lessons, maybe they'll think about guiding that child into something just as rewarding, but much less physically corrosive. If not, maybe you'll be lucky and you'll make it to the grave before the damage dance can do actually takes its toll on your kid. Maybe.

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