Sunday, July 21, 2013

Obi bound eM—ails, day 7

Hey babe!

Hope all went well with your homestay. I miss you. Drop a line when you get a chance.

Huge hugs. Love you,

hey mom!

i'm writing from a wifi hotspot up the street from the traditional japanese hotel. we got back from our homestay earlier and it was difficult to say goodbye. hitomi, my host student, asked makenna and me not to forget her and her family. as if i would! they were really sweet. yumiko (our host mother) was tremendously generous and a fantastic cook. staying in her house was a huge privilege, even if our conversation was limited to a few trivial subjects. hitomi even bought the two of us yukata! i was really surprised, each one must have been at least 30 dollars. they're super pretty. mine is black with different colored flowers and the obi is red. 

i was nervous before nobuyuki (our host father. i may have misspelled his name) came home because i was afraid he would be a serious businessman but he was a TOTAL GOOFBALL and it was reassuring. he seemed to be interested in our lives and america and spoke a little english! when we went to a temple with a tightrope course next to it he left us to eat lunch while he tried to balance on the ropes. it was endearing. 

hitomi was a lot better at english than i was at japanese so her language skills made up for our lack thereof. she showed us japanese fashion magazines and we watched tv and went shopping together. it felt like she'd been my friend for a long time by the time we had to leave, but it had only been two days. her sister, ayumi, is a basketball player and she's really good at this japanese game i don't know the name of but it involved catching a red ball with a hole in it on a stick or in a cup thing. i can catch the ball in the cup but not on the wooden stick. 

they had a fat gray cat named M (emu, pronounced eh-moo) and he was nervous about makenna and me. he skittered around the house at sudden noises and i think he was avoiding us. he let me pet him sometimes and was really cute and his meow was funny.

we went to a matsuri with hitomi and she GAVE. US. YUKATAS. i said that earlier in this email but that is a huge thing. i get to KEEP IT. I AM WEARING IT RIGHT NOW because we're going to another festival later! oh, and at the festival yesterday there were some people in an alley we were waiting in while hitomi got some food and they invited us to do hanabi (japanese fireworks; read: sparklers) with them. they thought we were kawaii and took pictures with us to put on facebook. when they asked where we were from we said utah and they commented on how there are mormons there and laughed, and we said "watashi wa mormon desu!" and they said "gomennasai!" (sorry) and we said "daijoubu!" (it's ok!!) they were SO. CUTE. they were happy about the festival and laughed a lot. it was adorable. there was a guy who had been to ohio before and we said that was sugoi (cool/amazing). 

i should probably walk down to the hotel again. i love you mom. tell everyone i love them too. i will write more once we are back at shinagawa prince hotel in tokyo!

OH and tell dad i haven't seen a toy car yet but if i see one i'll be sure to get it! ask him if there's anything else he likes. and tell me what you like! actually, ask everyone if you can!!!! esp. e—, i haven't found much for him. if we get to shop in akihabara i'm going to look for anime stuff he might like (samurai champloo, cowboy bebop, kids on the slope, attack on titan maybe????) but i don't know how much merchandise they produce for those first three anime. i wanna get him something cool!!!!!!! this obi is making my stomach hurt and i kind of have to pee. 

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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