Tuesday, July 16, 2013

i dreamed of pixies and got an email from Japan

hey mom!

i finally got internet at the shinagawa prince hotel. this place is INSANELY fancy. the whole lobby is pretty much made out of marble and the building is connected to a mall sort of thing. i set my alarm on my phone for 1 pm so i would wake up at 5. we ate breakfast this morning in a room with a tall ceiling and raised platforms and we saw a bunch of kids from other schools involved in the kakehashi project! they seem nice and one of the boys from maryland is LDS. he was on the elevator with us and when he heard we were from provo he seemed excited.

yesterday was fun but also rough because lots of us had headaches. makenna had a migraine and i had a headache yesterday! but now i think we all feel better now. yesterday we went to tokyo tower and zojoji temple and a government building with a tourist trap on the 45th floor. i got something for l-- from tokyo tower but it's pretty small so i want to get her something else, too! actually, yesterday i bought a bowl of seafood for marites and makenna and i because we didn't know that breakfast would be provided for us, so i kind of wasted ten dollars but the ladies were fun to try and talk to and one of them said "nihongo ga jouzu!" (your japanese is skillful!) and i had to reply "sonna ni nai!" (that's not right!) she was a really sweet lady. today i asked a hotel lady if this was where breakfast was and she was like "hai! djksghnvidsjhgjdkb (i didn't understand)."

zojoji temple was so peaceful. it was like the buddhist temple in SLC but the shrine thingy was a LOT bigger and on a raised shiny platform of dark wood. there was one person praying in there. 

OH and when we were leaving the tourist trap place in the government building there was a guy with some cages and there were a bunch of cats in there and he was fanning them!!!!!!!

this email was kind of unintelligible but yeah. thank you for emailing me, mom. i was eager to get on the internet because i wanted to talk to you. i miss you all a lot. when i woke up at 5 i was wondering what all of you would be doing at 2 PM because i think that's the time there!! i love you mommy. i'm having a good time but i miss home. it's really different here.

(if you sleep somewhere i have slept my essence will give you bizarre dreams about pixies. it is a scientifically proven fact!!!!)

(tell l-- congratulations and good luck!!!!)


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