Monday, July 8, 2013

Further disappointment

I woke up Sunday morning with swelling and slight pain just above the joint of my fourth toe on my left foot with no known cause. I showered, went to church. The pain ebbed, but the swelling continued. I woke this morning with significant pressure in my metatarsals and called the local clinic for an appointment. The attending PA ordered x-rays and prescribed RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. One way or another I'm going to be off it for a while. I can cycle and use the elliptical machine at the gym, but anything that causes lengthy impact—hiking and running—is out of the question until the swelling subsides. I waited all day for the x-ray results. The PA didn't call. She said that might happen, but that doesn't mean that I'm not completely frustrated waiting on a prognosis. If the pain and swelling is caused by a stress fracture, and in this case in the metatarsal joint, hiking is over for the summer and I'll be in a boot.

I filled the day's lack of activity with an impromptu blood donation to the American Red Cross. I discovered a lovely Mexican restaurant near the Coffee Shop and ate a tropical tofu taco while I stared despondently at the ridge of Mount Timp. I picked up E— at the bus stop on his return excursion from the North Country, took M— shopping for the essentials on her packing list for Japan, and spent far too much time playing actor/actress games on Facebook. 

I need to know what's up with this foot.

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  1. That's when it's time to start playing the Kevin Bacon game :)