Monday, July 22, 2013

Crazy eM—ails, day 8 1/2

okay, i know this is on the crazy side... But how would you feel about going to Youth Conference with E— the morning after you get home? It's three days. Baptisms at the Logan Temple on day one, then two days of games and spirituality building at Bear Lake. Let me know, yes or no. I'm good with either way, but E— was asking tonight if you'd be going with him.

Love you OODLES!!!

i'll go with him!! i'll be tired but i'll try. i already said no on the signup paper so you'll have to tell them for me!!!! 

I got everything set up for you for Youth Conference. I'll pack for you too. The paper is signed, all you need to do is come home and get some sleep before you leave with E— the next morning. He's so happy you're going. :) He's also been putting in crazy amounts of time on a video game that he's making with B—. It's AWESOMe. I can't wait for you to see it.

Don't freak out over souvenirs. Just bring home things you think people might like. What matters most is that you come home safe. :) 

Sorry about the mosquitoes.  Fortunately, you are now in a club. Congrats! I don't know if I've ever been so lucky. ;)

I'm definitely missing you. Just two more days. Try to enjoy Japan while you can, though. You probably won't return for quite some time.


thank you so much!! i'm excited to spend time with him! my temple recommend is in my drawer that i made at school in case you can't find it! i gotta go to breakfast now so i'll talk later. i love you mommy!

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