Monday, June 24, 2013

Remember when average was amazing

I don't know if anyone who reads Wings now remembers The Bun--it's since been lost to a place in the ether that only the NSA can plumb. But while I was maintaining that blog I wrote a series on fitness, Average to Amazing in 12 Weeks, that also made it to Fizzy Cranium. You can find it here.

That was about three and a half years ago. I was dancing professionally, teaching ballet, and at a muscular 140 lbs I felt I didn't look my best. Sadly, I've returned to that point and gone seven pounds over. It's aging, and the fact that I love Mexi-fries, movie theatre popcorn, and tortilla chips. None of those taste so good that they justify feeling unhappy with how I feel and look. I'm at frump stage. It's disheartening.

Last year, just after I climbed Timpanogos for the first time, I bought a personal training package from the gym I frequent. I was in excellent shape then, and really had nothing to conceivably lose. I did it to try and fill the emptiness of my marriage, hoping that I might transform myself in some way that would render me more desirable to my husband, more worthy of his love, kindness, attention, and yes, I was trying to kill the desire to have a child. It was a desperate move, and one that lost steam before it took off. I'm glad now, however, that I had the initiative then to make the purchase. 

I have 20 training sessions accumulated that must be used in two months. I don't know if I'll do a full 12 week program, but I committed today to 2-3 days a week with my trainer until the sessions are gone, and I made plans to cut my body fat by 5%. I'm not terribly concerned with my weight as long as my BF% is between 20-22%. So, besides climbing mountains on the weekends, I'm dedicating my summer to re-establishing myself as a rodent.

And I need to write some poetry, dammit.

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