Saturday, June 8, 2013

Perspectives on refuge

Refuge is an uneasy safety.

It is a corner of a room, a bookshelf against a wall, 
a few familiar pages, 
a single orchid bloom struggling to survive the heat.

Refuge is the in between light
of there and whatever is next.

 Refuge is a collection of reminders of almosts:
almost second place,
1.25 carats of almost diamond,
almost a life, as magnified an identity
as is captured by a lens,
almost a person.
But entirely female
in all its diverse representation,
100% that.

Refuge is relearning destination,
and remembering the sweetness
of unsettled origins.

Refuge is approaching that lungful of recklessness,
that last big toe of earth
that hoists your uncertainties in a flying leap
that always precedes the plunge called "faith."

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