Saturday, June 8, 2013

If you like Philosophy

...and you need a good head-nodding, private giggle session:

On a similar note, or at least floating in the same vein, I really think I'm going to do it. I may only have a year left in my English degree, but I have two kids who will graduate in the next three years. My mom may have dragged my younger step/adopted siblings about while she did her grad work, but bless her heart, I am not my mom. So I'm going to become a "Super" Senior. (Truth is, I already am. So this move is going to guarantee me Senior Undergrad "Godhood" status or something.) For an extra three semesters I'm going to relearn French for my BA, and I'm going to snag a minor in Philosophy. At present I'm leaning toward religious studies; we'll see. It's 18 credits of whatever I want to take. Yes, you should see the smile on my face.

The strings to pull are attached to a purse. I just need to locate that purse, but I'm pretty confident I can do it.

And finally, I saw the psychiatrist on Monday. Guess who's back to sane enough? That's right. I get to lower my lithium dosage from 900mgs to 625mgs, because on a scale of 1-10 I could tell him that I was around a 4 what with the anxiety I've been sporting, and because even he can see what lithium carbonate does to my skin. I considered posting a pic, but due to ick factor, I won't.

The decrease and maybe some Greek yogurt, and if you wouldn't mind knocking on wood, and maybe,  theoretically, philosophically, I'll have my smooth, clear skin texture back again.

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