Monday, June 3, 2013

Eight years

B— turned 8 on Saturday.
We celebrated at the zoo, and with chocolate cupcakes
with cherries on top just as he'd requested.
Because we can't have a real dog his brother and sisters gave him a "stuffed fluffy"
that looks identical to the dog that he fell in love with
on the trail to the waterfall a couple of weekends ago.
He wasn't baptized, nor will he be until I feel he is cognitively developed
enough that not only is the choice his, but he'll know why it is a good choice. 
My bishop is backing me in this decision
and agrees that this approach is best for B—, 
and probably should be considered for more children.
Still, his favorite exhibits at the zoo were all aquatic. 
We spent a good deal of time near the water that day.
It reminds me of the wild ocean swim I took
when B— was 34 weeks gestation.
I got out far enough that I spotted a seal
watching me from the waves nearby.

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