Monday, May 13, 2013

Sign your name and chill

Filed before noon. It's over on my part. All that's required is the judge's signature.
Drove to the post office for postage on the parcel of legal documents I had to send to my... What do I call him now? Ipecac? I bought four 65 cent stamps. Do you know what 65 cent stamps have on them? "Yes, I do!" I affixed them anyway, laughed, the evil sort of laugh, and dropped the mailer in the mailbox.
Drove to the salon. Cut most of my hair off. I have just enough left for a two inch ponytail.
Drove to The Coffee Shop. Chatted up the barista about The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth while he made my yerba mate, iced.
Drove to The Pie Tin. Financial Aid issues again. Thank you, divorce. Also had to write an appeal to the Math Department to see about getting a waiver on the Math 1030 requirement needed for graduation since I've already filled math requirements for graduation at two other universities. Went to drop it off in the Math Department office.
Guess who's teaching Philosophy 101 across the hall from the Math Department this summer, with the door wide open. I didn't look in. My heart started racing so hard that when I found the door of the Math Department office locked I kind of blanked. I know I got out without looking into the classroom. My mom calls this disassociation. She wants me to get an app for my new smartphone called "iChill." Yeah, it's legit. Yeah, I might need it.
But instead, I think...
I need to cage fight or something.  
This day is registering high on the give-me-an-effing-break-o-meter.

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