Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Role in your pursuit

The dialogue between L— and me has become saturated in a definition of expectations. I believe I am playing catch-up. Today, our discussion entailed the idea that regardless of gender, one should be unafraid to pursue one's passion. The trick, I told her, was finding a niche that made those passions indispensable in the free market, but that passion is simply non-negotiable as a lifetime directive.

It is how we best produce science, industry, art, and philosophy, I told her. Passion is the innovator, I said. Endeavoring to meet financial goals and in the process to arbitrarily stumble upon fulfillment in that aim just won't do. It never does.

Be passionate, I told her.

I went to the restroom. L— picked up my phone. She left me a little of her passion.

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