Friday, May 10, 2013

A psalm of absurdity in progress

Praise! Praise! Praise
this day! This trail of piss
ants in the driveway,
the fly buzzing
at the door! Praise the girl
lip syncing iPod Disney pop
on her front lawn, the German rap
my son translates on the drive
home from school! Praise the
"I am now 29-years-old"!
Praise "shit"! Praise "No cars,
no fame, no money"! Praise
my son! The Sun!
Praise nebular clouds and accretion
disks! 13 billion-year-old G-class
stars and decreased luminosity! Praise
The Lithium Carbonate
in my veins! Praise
reason, odds, the roll
of the dice and probability of any other
outcome equaling sound
and pitch of this reckless
vibration psalm!

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