Monday, May 13, 2013

Last day

For the record:
There is NO reason to stay in a marriage that is physically, emotionally, psychologically and sexually abusive.
And no, contrary to the thoughts of the woman I encountered last week, staying wouldn't have been the "easier" option. I didn't leave because I'm tough. I left because I want to live. I left because I was being damaged, because my children were being damaged, because God doesn't intend for you to stay shackled to the bear who is mauling you to death, because marriage isn't what I was living, because I have looked into the eyes of the devil and realized that the only thing eternal between us is the promise that I have power to crush his head.

No woman should ever have to live through the hell I've lived. The sad thing is, I've met women who've endured worse.

If you need permission to leave: Sweetheart! You are a queen! For God's sake, for your Father in Heaven's sake, please, LEAVE!

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