Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I need to not get too excited about this

There is movement on my divorce, or at least proposed movement. My husband has agreed to sign stipulation if I retract all statements that even imply he might be abusive. Basically, I've pared down the wording for cause for divorce to "personal differences." He's also requested that I retract all of my statements in the request for the 90-Day Waiver, even though the waiver wasn't granted and won't be included in the final divorce. At this point, I do not care what these papers say, nor what I retract, as long as he signs and agrees to sign the final papers as well. I've been done with this for months now. Yet I'm still here exhibiting the greatest restraint, Everests of patience, each time he attempts to bait me. I've never dealt with such a child in my life. Even my children aren't this childish.

I wrote up the new Stipulation and a new Affidavit of Grounds for Divorce. They are waiting for signatures. That's all. In less than two weeks, if all continues as it presently is continuing, I will finally be free of this nightmare.

That is, as long as my husband doesn't decide to play games again. I wouldn't put it past him. I've been his half-dead mouse for far too long to not keep some level of caution in backup.


  1. What a complete and total bastard. Be rid of him for good. BIG HUGS sweetie!

  2. Thank you, hun! Hope Arizona is treating you well.