Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fizzy Cranium: adventures in freelancing, people, and their words

I appreciate people who are good for their word.

I did freelance blogging a few years back for an opinion website. The understanding was that I would do the work in return for a future business contact and resume fodder. Then I decided I'd had enough of the site politics, enough of the contact I was working with through the site, enough of the site, and I quit.

I've checked back on the site once in the last three years. This, while I was engaged to ex 3#. I was open with him that I'd checked the site, but my ex went absolutely ballistic with jealousy and accusations of infidelity. (My contact with the site was male. I'd crushed on him until I hadn't. My crushes are always weird this way. When I checked the site I avoided this contact entirely.) One might say that my ex's reaction was one of many crimson banners. But what I'm really getting at is that I stopped checking the site, even for headlines for three years, and I never really knew for certain whether my work for them would ever pay off.

The last week or so I've been beefing my Linkedin account and working on my resume for my Professional Considerations for English Majors class. I've also been thinking pretty seriously about grad school applications and interviews. In conjunction with all of this I sent out a feeler to my old contacts at the opinion website, knowing that even mentioning the site on my Linkedin experience without reference was risky.

Today, following a mock job interview at the Career Development Center that I had to complete for this same class, I got an email that my old contact through the website had accepted my connection invitation, solidifying my reference for freelance experience for the opinion website.

Thank you, Mr. C--.

I dig integrity. I dig that I can use this reference. After the interview the advisor at Career Development asked why with all of my experience and capability I was even back in school. I guess I got the mock job.

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