Thursday, April 11, 2013

The men of a Mormon divorcee's dreams

 This is TMI. Consider yourself forewarned.

This post is to clear up any speculation to the contrary about Mormon women and erotic dreams. 

We have them. 

Last night mine was about this guy:

I have nothing against Toby Jones, at least not in waking state. Actually, I think he's brilliant. I also think these men are brilliant and sexy, but they haven't managed to invade my REM sleep:

If anyone has any psychobabble input that might clarify for me why I find these men so delicious, feel free to chirp up. I'm not sure it's a problem I want solved. But deeper self-awareness never hurt anyone.

(And if you could convince Mr. Hoffman to make an appearance in tonight's dream, that too would be greatly appreciated.)


  1. Sometimes the best guys are the ones that don't catch your eye on first glimpse!

  2. I would like to believe you are correct.