Friday, April 12, 2013

Reading the last words

Family is moving on. Mr. Bassett read for the last time at open mic last night. Genius. I don't use that word lightly; something akin to the name of God. He's headed to Iowa in the fall, Mr. Bassett that is, to the land of corn and Pulitzer Prize-winning poets. Bittersweet. These partings always are, even if I'll bump into him here and there this summer.

Ah! All these boys who are sons and brothers and teachers and fellow harlequins. And the spattering of girls. We need a few more raucous female poets in Happy Towne, to balance out the teeter-totter. A few more philosophical Calypsos. 

Mr. Rice shared this:

Hopefully his words will be around for another year or two before some amazing place snatches him away as well.

I have to live with my words indefinitely, and wherever I decide to find residence.

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