Friday, April 5, 2013

Questioning belief

Photography by Madeline Masarik gallery HERE

I don't believe in the things I don't believe in. I'm just twidling round, waiting for the universe to unknit itself, unfurrow its brow, pull the string taught so I can make sense of origins and place and all of the coincidences I refuse to both acknowledge and believe in.

I would climb if it weren't nearly dark. (I might stick to the neighborhood and climb anyway.)

Two weeks left. Fourteen days. And a sinking suspicion this agnosticism will prevail. Beyond and beyond. Last night B— told me, "Sometimes when you feel like you want to cry it's just time to go to bed."

So what are you going to believe, girl? Go ahead. Choose. I'll see you in the morning.

*I shouldn't have to tell you that this is both metaphorical and esoteric. But I will, in case, like my FB pal who sent me a personal invite to General Conference you really think my resolution in faith base is shifting. Mormons are such well-meaning creatures.

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