Sunday, April 14, 2013


This is as close to a Mormon Mommy Blog post as I hope I will ever get.

Okay, truth is, I didn't have to post before I went to bed. But, you know. I came across this photo, which is a few months old, but definitely one of my faves of my kids' childhood.
M—'s cosplay wig had just arrived, and E— and L— somehow found themselves perfectly framed in the iMac shot.

A neck-to-neck contender would be this photo M— took in 2008.
B— was three; it was his first hike.

As returning to the life of single-parenthood settles over me, I'm realizing just how supernally lucky I am, and how right it would be for me to find happiness, as is.

I struggled through General Conference last week, with all its references to traditional roles and expectations. I expect I've done my best and I'm done trying to gelatinize myself to fit someone else's mold. Is that combative? It shouldn't be. Many paths. One gate. It doesn't seem that difficult a concept, even when I know I'm plotting a path that would never make the cover of the Ensign. And I sure as heck won't be found writing apologist articles about how I'll receive blessings in the long run as long as I remain true to my hope that I can be like everyone else. I'm running long now. I'm counting my blessings, specifically those in terms of my faith in God. He has faith that I'll be okay as a non-conformist. Isn't that why I subscribed to Christianity in the first place? Yes, if you need an answer. It is. Christ took people as they were. He may have been quoted as saying, "Be ye perfect." But Aristotle could have clarified the translation. Leave it to Mormon women to so frequently take the English literal and try to perfect themselves. You can't. You can only find Christ atonement and completion, the way a sponge becomes complete, malleable, purposeful when it is filled by the sea.

But... I run away with myself. Point is, don't feel bad for me.
I'm going to have my rough days, but I'm not lacking for anything.


Good night, world.


  1. I think you are wonderful and inspiring just the way you are. Keep on being awesome! :) Love you, girl! :) BIG HUGS from Idaho! I am moving to Phoenix at the end of May to start another grand adventure--one that I have wanted to start for several years now. :)

  2. Awesome runs in your veins as well, my friend! I'm excited for this new chapter. May that corner of the map welcome you with warm, open arms.