Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've been thinking for a while

photography by Mark Gilliland interesting it is, to agree that social media gets in the way of healthy human relationships, and yet, how dependent I am on those connections I maintain by means of cyber-communications.

In three days I'll wind up a very challenging semester; three and a half months of crazy turbulence, upheaval and resettling, made possible by the sweet support of people I rarely see other than as a profile pic and words on a screen.

I started to notice about a month ago, my lack of singularity, the myth of my loneliness. I'm somewhat reclusive; we all know it. But my heart has felt your presence. Those words on the screen remind me, how rich is this world, in all its definitions of human contact. And the delight of actually spending face-to-face with some of you! Yes, I've been thinking. I haven't the fingers nor toes to number my dearest friends.

Three days until everything that's next. I'm already feeling the denouement. 

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