Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm mid-work on my final Ethics essay; this one on Confucius' claim that literary training is necessary for development of moral understanding. While I have a million thoughts and ideas running through my brain, and a kajillion sources to back up those thoughts and ideas, I'm not too worried about this one. Again, I'm going to kill it. Probably a little deader than the last. And I AM considering being a complete stinker (although I really want to use another word) and posting it here when I'm done.

All that aside, I've been thinking about writing a post of gratitude for my friends for a couple of weeks now, and I think this break I'm taking is the perfect opportunity to make good on those designs. My trepidation is that I'll pull a Jennifer Lawrence and miss the most important people. If you are one of those, you have my permission, if not complete admonition to kick me the next time we see each other. Please kick with sound force!

This is no particular order. I don't rank my love and appreciation.

Ryan—Dear boy! I promise your letter and something more are coming. And I will read the book you sent once this week of tests is over. You are dear to me. Thank you for thinking of me even when your own life is knees mincing forward along a gravel road. Thank you as well for spurring me forward in my own love of these Jell-O Land altitudes. I admire your dedication, especially in the snow.

Kirsten—I know you are there, reading. And I have started a response to your query on my view of circumcision twice, but really we should just talk. Forgive me for not having the wherewithal to pick up my damn phone and pull up your name. Later today. My next break. And this summer, we must get our children together, if only to get their hands in the dirt and their lungs full of the outdoors.

Valerie—Ms. Town, I don't believe I could tell you amply just how I admire you, the strength and clarity of your mind, your kindness. The t-shirts were a huge hit. L—, M— and I are sharing. Thank you for that, but most of all for gently and directly calling me on my ignorance of feminism months back. Obviously, it took me time to understand cultural programming, the misconception instilled by early childhood programming, and then the lovely contextual puzzle of vernacular. But if not for my respect for you, and your willingness to go out on a limb, I might still be curled in a corner of that glass house I left, wondering why giving up self-determination to the patriarchal standard in that home wasn't bringing me happiness, let alone why I wasn't able to maintain mental stability. You, my dear, were the catalyst for so much positive change for me. I am indebted.

Sharon—My sister. Your internet hugs are among my favorite. I'll keep taking them, even from Arizona. So proud of you for moving forward. It's going to be the best thing for both you and K—. Next time we have sushi together, I'm hoping for 90 degree temps. Thank you for all your encouragement and support. You are amazing, girl.

Sondra—Thank you for enrolling E— in my creative movement class! I miss her, but you know I miss you and girl's night more. I spent almost 10 years in the North Country. You were the only person to extend that kind of ongoing social support to me in all those years. You made me feel like a legitimate person in the land of cookie cutter women that I will never be like. You make me feel like a legitimate person today, just by taking the time to post the sweet things you do to my FB wall. That's a gift. I can't tell you how I appreciate that you share it with me.

M—Baby... *pantomimes holding you over my shoulder, patting your back at your 7 lb. size* You know you're at the top of the list.

Carly—I know you read. I miss you. I miss that silly night, sitting with those cheap beers in the station wagon permanently parked on the side of my apartment. You're an hour away. Why do we not see each other, at least once a season? It's been far too long since I saw you dance. That should be remedied.

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