Saturday, April 13, 2013


Things that must be done:

*Create a chapbook with this semester's compiled poems (edit/revise)
*Write second Ethics essay on the connection between a literary education and morality (ask me about Catcher in the Rye or Hitler's personal library)
*Write a personal evaluation for Poetry
*Write  8   6  2 more chapters to outline for Astrobiology
*Write up a fitness log for the last 12 weeks
*Take the last unit test for Fitness AND the final
*Take the Astrobiology final in a week
*Take the Animals and Ethics quiz after lecture Wednesday
*Read Bonnie Steinbock's rebuttal to John Singer's animal ethics article
*Prepare discrete bio presentation on myself for Women's Lit final (shameless self-promotion, I admit)
*Read the abortion and rape reading selections for Monday's  Wednesday's Women's Lit discussion
*Write up a few words on why Mark Strand's was my favorite book of poetry I read this semester
*Study for fourth Astrobiology exam (NOT the final)
*Write final Ethics journal entry, even though there will be two more I know will be due beyond that because I messed around on a couple
*Try not to completely ignore my four children
*Hang on, with an icepick if necessary (or just drink Monsters and Rockstars until you feel the onset of hypomania <---this hasn't yet happened.)

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