Friday, March 8, 2013

What the next nine days look like:

*Read three chapters covering the biological component of Astrobiology for the 'midterm' which will take place  immediately upon return

*Read and annotate Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine

*Write a villanelle

*(Let me say that again...) Write a villanelle  I may have to try this a couple of times during this break. I'm not satisfied with the result.

*Create a strength training program

*Read Rob Carney's Story Problems and an accompanying review (this will be a joy)

*Take an Ethics exam on Wednesday for readings on Aristotle and Hume 100% on the multiple choice. I feel good about the essay questions as well.

*Revise and resubmit two poems which have been accepted for publication in the university lit journal Changed a crucial line in "Of Angels and Insects," left "What will you call her?" the same, because it was perfect, even if there was one singular line that a few of them thought should be a couplet. Rewrote bio to take out reference to my husband.

*Somewhere in here I'm supposed to catch up on sleep

*And I may or may not have offered editing/proofing skills to help one of my professors catch up in grading (though I think he will decline) I reneged my offer. It was a kind thought, but I also kindly think it's more than I can handle. Grading will go on without me.

*I'm also hoping to catch two or three movies, if possible, and maybe take a few walks so I'm not cooped up in the house the entire time

University of Humble Pie calls this "Spring Break."

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